Leah Burnett


Completed the Level 1 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care

NHC Courses

Level 1- 18th September 2014 till 22nd August 2016

About Leah

Leah’s interest in horse racing came from when she bought her first horse from Jedd O’Keefe. She was very fond of her horse that she wanted to know all about and started reading into racing books. One of the books was ‘Race to Glory’, which was a fictional story about a girl winning the Grand National. At this moment in time, Leah knew she wanted to become a jockey.

Leah researched the internet and found out about the NHC and immediately applied, and succeeded in securing a place on the 14-16 week course. In addition, she convinced her current school to give her a day release in order for her to attend the NHC training. She came to the NHC for just under a year throughout her 10 and 11 year.

Her determination and passion for the industry helped her gain the opportunity to do a few weeks of work experience at Malcolm Jeffersons and Jedd O’Keefe. Jedd O’Keeffe was very impressed with Leah and offered her a position at his yard. Leah decided that this was definitely the right career path and decided to join his team, but insisted to learn more at the NHC before joining the racing yard.

Leah graduated from the NHC, completing her course and worked at O’Keeffe’s on 1st August 2016.  She is currently working at Richard Fahey's.