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Racehorse Rider Conversion Courses

Tailored To Suit Your Needs

This course is suitable for those that ride currently but would like to learn to ride Racehorses on the Gallops. If you are interested, and following an application, we will invite you in for a Riding Assessment to ascertain whether the training will be suitable for you and if it is how much training you will require.

For example, ‘Leah’ contacted the College last year to see if we could help hone her riding skills. She had several years experience of working in an eventing yard and was moving to a head girl position at a point-to-point yard. While knowledgeable, she did lack experience of riding racehorses up the gallops and in bits of work, and the point-to-point yard did not have the number of horses to give her the experience she needed before they got into full swing for the season. She received training on pace, holding horses together and her general riding position.

“From the moment I arrived I was made to feel very at home and comfortable, but at the same time I was there to learn a job and learn I did! From simulator to stables to the gallops, very informative and fulfilling.”

– Leah

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  • Tuesday 30th Apr 2024 - Riding Assessment
  • Tuesday 28th May 2024 - Riding Assessment
  • Tuesday 25th Jun 2024 - Riding Assessment
  • Tuesday 23rd Jul 2024 - Riding Assessment
  • Tuesday 17th Sep 2024 - Riding Assessment
  • Tuesday 15th Oct 2024 - Riding Assessment
  • Tuesday 12th Nov 2024 - Riding Assessment
If you are interested in some bespoke training then please contact Sarah Beattie

01302 861000

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