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Work Experience Placement

The National Horseracing College is pleased to provide work experience opportunities for those who have relevant practical equine experience. Work placements are primarily for pupils in school years 10 and 11.

Applicants must be confident working around horses. Work placements will entail working with racehorses that can be challenging animals to handle.

Places are strictly limited and will be offered to those considered suitably experienced. Work placements will not extend to exercising the racehorses but will include all stable duties. Applicants therefore need to be physically fit and prepared to work outdoors in a team environment.

Work placements are non-residential. Transport to and from the National Horseracing College each day is the responsibility of the work experience attendee. Attendees must bring a skull cap (matching Kite Mark PAS 015:2011) and yard boots. Lunch will be provided.

All activities at the National Horseracing College are supervised by qualified instructors/assessors.

If you wish to apply, please submit an online application form. Please allow 10 working days to receive a reply.

Application Form

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