“Support Horse Racing as its sustainable, resilient responsive centre of training excellence in the north”.


“Deliver trained staff into horse racing”.

Core Values

As members of the National Horseracing College we recognise certain core values that we agree should permeate all that we do. The College has a clear set of principles which are understood and adhered to by staff and learners.

We will:

Put the learner first

We believe in encouraging our learners to achieve their full potential and thus realise their dreams. We provide flexible training in a friendly, supportive and caring environment, which builds self belief, confidence and develops trust. We believe that all our learners should achieve, enjoy and benefit from their experience at the National Horseracing College and their success leads to the success of the college. We believe our learners have the right to be safe from harm, fear and exploitation.

Deliver outstanding quality and innovation for the horseracing industry

We believe in improving the quality and flexibility of learning and the learner / customer experience. We believe we should lead by example, embracing change and striving for excellence. We are committed to delivering a high level of professionalism.

Celebrate and respect diversity

We believe in promoting positive attitudes to diversity whilst respecting and valuing the rights and beliefs of each other, regardless of race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief or position within the college. We actively promote the following British Values to learners: tolerance, respect, liberty, democracy and the rule of the law. We believe we should be honest, open, fair and equitable. We promote inclusiveness, fairness and focus on individual needs. We promote a culture of accountability from approachable and non-judgemental staff.

Empower staff to maximise their potential

We have dedicated, ambitious, enthusiastic staff and we believe that everyone who works in the college contributes to the goals of the college. We will support their development and value and celebrate their achievements and successes.

Provide an outstanding and responsive service to stakeholders, community and the environment

We believe that the college should be the provider of choice for the stakeholders and communities we serve whilst actively promoting sustainability for the future. We foster a sense of pride in individual and collective achievement of both staff and learners.

We believe that learning should be challenging and enjoyable and that time spent at college should be a rewarding experience. Therefore we are committed to a programme of enrichment for learners that involves a variety of events and opportunities.

Health & Safety Guidelines

For any workplace the cornerstone of a practical safety management system is a clear Health and Safety Policy. At the National Horseracing College we recognise that working with thoroughbred horses is a potentially dangerous occupation.

We have, therefore, in association with the Health and Safety Executive and other organisations, developed comprehensive guidelines to minimise the risks and hazards existing in all our working and training situations.

These guidelines have been produced to help the Racing and Breeding Industries fulfil the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWR) 1999 and other associated legislation.

Download a complete copy of our Health and Safety Guidelines

Download a complete copy of our Equality and Diversity Policy 2019

Download a copy of the Safeguarding Policy

Download a copy of our Emergency Evacuation of People with a Disability Policy Statement

Download our GDPR policy

Download our Bursary Policy 2020


The NHC will use this targeted Government funding to support learners on its residential Foundation Course studying racehorse care and on DEC programmes studying horse care.  Individualised support will be delivered to learners by staff on a 1:1 basis in the form of additional English or Maths sessions, tutorials, interventions and assistance to individuals during group sessions.

Learners supported by this fund will be the College’s most vulnerable and/or disadvantaged.  They will be identified on the basis of their English and Maths initial assessments, prior GCSE achievement, starting point questionnaires, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) status or those with an educational health care plan (EHCP).