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Level 4 Learning Programmes in the Horseracing Industry

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has introduced a suite of eight higher-level training programmes in the horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industries. These programmes build on the skills and knowledge either gained from lower-level qualifications or by working in the industry and are specific to particular vocational areas of work.

The subjects included in this suite of learning programmes are:

  • Operating within British Horseracing Regulations
  • Management of the Education, Training and Development of Young Thoroughbred Horses
  • Development and Implementation of a Horse Care, Welfare and Stable Management Policy for Thoroughbred Horses
  • Management of the Purchase and Sale of Thoroughbred Horses
  • Managing Staff Recruitment, Training and Retention in Horseracing
  • Training Thoroughbred Horses for Performance
  • Management of a Thoroughbred Stallion (Not available at NHC)
  • Management of Thoroughbred Breeding Operations (Not available at NHC)
These learning programmes, equating to Level 4, are aimed at those working at, or entering at, a senior level within the regulated British horseracing industry and are externally endorsed by 1st4sport.
An endorsed learning programme is an industry developed, structured training programme which is externally validated to confirm good practice and demonstrate a quality product.
Currently, there is limited racing/breeding-specific training above Level 3. It is important for the industry to provide professional and progressive career pathways, with options available for those individuals who are keen to develop within their roles.
The learning programmes are undertaken by guided learning through self-study and completion of a portfolio of evidence, prior to assessment. They are not time-bound and a learner may take as long as they like to complete the portfolio and present for assessment. As a guide, the recommended time that should be taken for each learning programme is between three and nine months. This will ensure that knowledge is current and the learner remains motivated to complete.
The learner will be allocated a mentor who will be on hand to guide the learner through their learning programme. The learner will be provided with a portfolio which they will complete in their own time. The portfolio will consist of written tasks to test knowledge and examples of the learner’s own experience.
Assessment is conducted through review of the portfolio followed by a Professional Discussion.
Certificates of achievement will be issued by 1st4sport Endorsement Service.
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The normal cost of each Learning Programme will be £1,500. However, currently, a subsidy will be applied so the candidate only pays a registration fee of £100.

How To Apply

Do you like the look of the course and want to find out more? We are here to help – you can click on the links below to register your interest or apply online.

Please note: we advise applying online 9-12 months in advance to avoid disappointment

For further information or to apply please contact us:

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