Ryan Colley


Completed level 1 & 2 at the NHC

NHC Courses

Level 1: November 2009-February 2010

Level 2: March 2010-March 2011

About Ryan

Ryan, from York, had never ridden before he attended the 12-week Foundation course at the NHC on leaving school. He completed all his qualifications through the College while working for trainers James Given, Alan King and Willie Mullins, before becoming assistant to Ruth Carr, for whom he rode two winners from eight rides as an amateur.

However, as a six-footer his riding career was always destined to be short, and he has set his sights on becoming a raceday official, with a particular ambition to become a starter. He was given a leg up the ladder in that direction, when he spent eight weeks in the USA as the NHC’s first representative to take part in the new international scholarship introduced by the International Federation of Horse Racing Academies. Having passed a stringent examination there, he is now a starter for the BHA.