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Rachael Proudley

Lead Equine Studies Lecturer (DEC)

Rachael Proudley

Rachael joined the Doncaster Equine College team in 2017. At the age of 12 she decided she would like to work with horses. She left school and within 6 weeks she passed her BHS stage 2. She gained her BHS stage 3 & AI qualification very soon after. Rachael joined a National Hunt racing yard that specialised in difficult horses, then moved to an equine vet as Head Girl and producer of their hunters and Point-to-Point horses. She then progressed to a Showjumping yard travelling throughout the country.

Rachael moved home to be self-employed teaching, riding, breaking in horses and producing them. She was also involved in the family’s business of carriage driving, mainly weddings & standing stallions at stud. I have worked on this site for Doncaster College for 11 years and had the opportunity to join the Doncaster Equine College team when the college was established in 2017.

Contact: r.proudley@theNHC.co.uk

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