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Posted on 10th August 2020

Four learners awarded for their hard work and progress

We’re delighted that four National Horseracing College (NHC) learners have today been awarded ‘On Track 4 Racing’ gilets and hat silks for showing hard work, dedication, and progress during the 12-week residential Foundation Course. Although many learners show fantastic progress and enthusiasm during their course, there are also a handful of learners who shine through.

Our Senior Training Instructor, Claire Edmunds, has awarded Josh, Ross, Libby, and Amy for group 20.09.

BHI Supplies kindly support us and donate the ‘On Track 4 Racing’ gilets that are awarded to our learners that show the following qualities during their course:

⭐️ Punctual ⭐️ Reliable ⭐️ Respecting themselves and others ⭐️ Accountable ⭐️ Professional ⭐️ Able to work and live with a degree of independence ⭐️ Able to demonstrate good horse handling skills ⭐️ Consistently demonstrating the ability to work with racehorses at least as effectively as is expected at a point in the course

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