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Posted on 9th July 2019

Graduate Megan Joins The Dan Skelton Racing Team

The transformation we see in students both during their 12-week Foundation Course and afterwards when they’ve started working in racing can be phenomenal and Megan is no exception.

We visited Megan at Dan Skelton’s 200-horse racing yard a couple of weeks ago and it was a real delight to see her working and interacting with her colleagues so confidently.

Megan was just a few days off her 17th birthday when we visited and was very much looking forward to starting driving lessons. Her yard is in a beautiful but very rural part of Warwickshire so being able to drive will give her her own independence.

The facilities at this yard for staff are outstanding. As well as having en-suite rooms on site the staff also have all their meals prepared for them and have access to a steam room, a fully equipped gym and an Equicisor. The walls are adorned with photographs of winners, lots of winners. 

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