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Posted on 27th April 2020

How to keep fit during lockdown… Danny Tudhope explains

How do you keep fit during lockdown? Keeping active is vital, not only for physical wellbeing but for mental wellbeing too. We caught up with NHC graduate and one of the best flat jockeys in the UK, Danny Tudhope, to see how he keeps fit during lockdown and how to keep in peak fitness ready for when racing returns. “Lockdown hasn’t come without its tests, especially when you are so used to being outdoors, working extremely hard each and every day for long hours. Retaining my fitness is paramount so when the season is able to return, my fitness levels are still strong and I can get straight back to it. Each day I will do a fitness exercise whether it be a run outdoors, on the treadmill, or running with my family – I will run anywhere from 5miles – 9miles each time, I will skip approximately 500 skips. My family loves a long bike ride so as they ride their bikes I will run alongside them for 3-7miles depending on how tired our youngest gets. I am lucky enough to ride out twice a week to continue with my usual routine and to retain some consistency.” Thank you for the great tips on how to keep fit during lockdown Danny!

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