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Posted on 22nd February 2023

NHC Foundation Course Graduate | Arvin Chadee

London-born Arvin completed the 12-week, residential Foundation Course at the National Horseracing College in 2014 and, upon successful completion, was secured employment in Hertfordshire with Dean Ivory Racing. During his time as a Racing Groom, he completed a Level 2 Apprenticeship and Level 3 Diploma in Racehorse Care and Management.


What equine experience did you have prior to joining the Foundation Course at the National Horseracing College?

Before commencing the 12-week, residential Foundation Course at the National Horseracing College I had no prior experience with horses, let alone thoroughbreds. I specifically remember my first day and being handed a headcollar and not being sure which way round it went.


How do you feel the National Horseracing College prepared you for working in the horseracing industry?

Without the National Horseracing College I, would not be in the position I am today. It was where it all started for me in the Thoroughbred industry; it gave me the perfect introduction and foundation on which I have built my career.

From the basics of horse care and welfare, to confidently riding on the gallops, the Foundation Course provided me with the tools, skills, and knowledge to confidently take my first steps into a career in racing.


You secured a place on the Godolphin Flying Start Programme (2019 – 2021), please tell us more?

The Godolphin Flying Start is a two-year scholarship in the Thoroughbred industry. Each year 12 trainees are selected to travel to Ireland, UK, USA, Australia, and Dubai. Our learning was both practical and theoretical, we spent time at stud farms, training stables and other pivotal organisations within the sport. We were also fortunate to have had lectures from some of the industries most respected and influential leaders.



What is your greatest achievement to date?

I still remember the first time I successfully cantered on the round gallop at the National Horseracing College. Having never sat on a horse, to riding a racehorse in a matter of weeks was a great personal achievement. Since then, securing a place on the prestigious Godolphin Flying Start was something I had strived for since I first found out about the programme.


What does a typical day working within the nominations team look like?

In Australia the breeding season is August to December, during which my role and responsibilities include promoting Darley stallions and booking mares to them. My role includes client relation and consultancy where I help breeders find the best stallions to match their mares. My research includes pedigree nicks and crosses and conformational analysis, matching physical attributes of the stallion to complement the mare.

When the breeding season is finished the sales season commences where I travel around to the different thoroughbred sales in Australia inspecting Darley sired stock and helping our clients to promote and sell them.



What skills, from working hands-on in a racing yard, have you carried over to your job?

My time spent riding for trainers allowed me to be around top quality and high performing horses. Therefore, I have an idea of what conformational aspects are required for them to remain sound and those that increase the likelihood of injury.


Describe the qualities you believe you must have to fulfil your job role?

My current position requires a thorough understanding of pedigrees and conformation which allows me to best advise clients. However, having good communication skills and being personable is also paramount and helps build trust and a strong reputation. Authenticity and clients trusting my opinion stems from my hands-on experience with horses.


What advice would you give someone who aspires to work in the breeding industry?

The Thoroughbred industry has changed my life, it has allowed me to find a career I love, travel the world, and has given me personal and professional opportunities I could only dream of.

My advice to anyone considering entering the industry or enrolling at the National Horseracing College is, go for it, it was the best decision I made. Secondly, be curious, ask questions and be open to learn every day and from everyone; you never stop learning whilst working with racehorses.

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