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Posted on 22nd July 2020

NHC Graduates excel in their Level 2 Apprenticeship Portfolio

Two National Horseracing College (NHC) Foundation Course graduates, Tiegan Alexander (group 20.03), and Georgia Fenwicke-Clennell (group 20.02),  have both made excellent progress in their portfolio work as part of the Level 2 Apprentice in Racehorse Care qualification. Both graduates, who work for trainer Micky Hammond Racing in Middleham, North Yorkshire after graduating from the NHC in December 2019 (Georgia) and January 2020 (Tiegan), have taken every opportunity during lockdown to enhance their knowledge of the horseracing industry and work with their Roving Tutors to ensure their portfolio work is done to a high standard.    Tiegan was placed as a rider, riding only quiet horses to help build her confidence. She has taken every opportunity to ride and develop her skills and riding a different range of horses. She is now riding 3 lots every day and really blossoming! 

Tiegan during Graduation Day at the NHC in January 2020

Georgia was placed as a rider and continues to grow her skills and knowledge, riding work and learning and developing form senior riders. She loves going racing and gets high comments about her turnout.

Georgia during Graduation Day at the NHC, December 2019

  They began the level 2 qualification in March 2020, and have worked extremely hard on their portfolio work and have currently completed two practical sections. It has been tough during lockdown, but they have excelled and taken advantage of spending extended time at home during furlough and have really impressed our Roving Tutors. They have completed many sections of their required work since lockdown began at the end of March and the work has been done to a very good standard. They have received continuous great feedback from their workplace too.

The next stage is for the Roving Tutors to undertake practical observations of both graduates, highlighting their progress throughout the qualification. Both learners will be given the opportunity to improve their practical skills in areas such as taking horses’ racing, riding, and horse health where they will hope to improve enough to gain distinctions grades in their End Point Assessment. Our Roving Tutors will also carry out yard training to develop and identify skills gaps and discuss how yard practices may differ to develop their understanding.

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