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Posted on 6th February 2020

Please support us at our 2020 Annual Show

We would like to invite your business to become a sponsor at the Doncaster Equine College Annual Show on 26th April 2020. NHC is the Centre of Excellence for the Horseracing Industry, providing 15,000 training hours each year that significantly change the lives of young people nationally, with over 5,000 visitors benefiting from training and the use of the facilities.  In 2019, NHC assisted hundreds of people to start or enhance their careers in horseracing and other equine industries, many from disadvantaged backgrounds (46%) who may not have access to any other career opportunities. We have a number of sponsorship opportunities at the college, to provide much needed support for young people to achieve success in their training and qualifications.

Why sponsor?

Brand Awareness: Sponsorship gives your brand the opportunity to generate awareness amongst a host of horseracing and general equine contacts and potentially gain media exposure (dependant on sponsorship arrangement).

Marketing Coverage: Offering up to 2 months’ worth of marketing coverage in press releases, social media, e-newsletters, and the website.

Increase your reach and gain new leads: An opportunity to introduce your business to potential new clients, increasing your reach and exposure. The NHC has over 5,000 equine visitors on site each year and 25,000 online visitors, sponsorship is a great way to potentially generate quality leads.

Value for money: Sponsoring NHC offers great value for money with regular marketing campaigns targeting over 2,000 horseracing and general equine contacts nationally.   The charity events and show’s delivered by the team at NHC offer access to thousands of people at the events and by media coverage. 

CSR: Take comfort in the knowledge that it is the right thing to do! The majority of our horses are ex-racers and are now enjoying a second career training the next generation of equine staff.  Our learners and horses need your support, it makes such a difference to their lives. 

There are a variety of ways you can support NHC

Class Sponsorship: your business name written in the schedule (and any logos that you supply), your business announced on the day, plus online social media as part of the show campaign.  This is £45 per class. 

Ring Champion: your business name on the schedule as the Ring Champion sponsor with regular announcements throughout the day, and online, the business name on the tail of the rosette (this is limited to certain champions only). This is £80 per Ring Champion. 

Ring Banner:  you provide your banner to be placed on the ring side in the indoor school for the show, followed by 3 months on display in the indoor school for £135.

Banner Advertising: you provide your banner of size 3m x 1m to be displayed in the indoor school for 11 months from the show day for all the visitors to see over that time £350. Please note we do not provide banner printing.

Contributions of raffle and tombola prizes are gratefully received.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have other ideas about contributions to support NHC on the day.

To arrange your requirements or for more information please telephone me on (01302) 861007 M: 07930 596095 or email P.bonham@theNHC.co.uk

On behalf of our horses, learners and staff, we welcome your involvement and look forward to seeing you on the day.

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