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Posted on 10th December 2019

So you think horse riding is for girls?

So you think horse riding is for girls?

How easy do you think it is to control half a tonne of thoroughbred horse galloping at 40mph? Horses have a mind of their own. Thankfully, in the most, they want to work with us and they are happy to take direction off a rider that instils confidence in them and in whom they trust. Learning to be a horseman takes a considerable length of time. Time spent around horses, working with them from the ground as well as from the saddle. You need to understand the horse and what makes it tick to truly get the best out of it.

If we were to conduct a poll we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that more girls than boys have experience working with and riding horses prior to starting at the National Horseracing College. Perhaps as young children boys gravitate to trying other sports but the next time someone suggests riding horses is for girls please politely remind them that horses have a mind of their own, that they’re much stronger than almost any human and that they have the capacity to gallop at upwards of 40 miles per hour.

Thank goodness Aiden, who rode his first winner as an Apprentice Jockey just a couple of months ago, didn’t listen to his peers at school as racing would be a poorer place without him and the talent he shares with the horses he cares for and rides.

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