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Licence Course Re-Assessment

There are some circumstances which may require an individual to undertake a Re-assessment of a specific element from a Licence Course. They may have failed this element as part of their licence course, or it might be a requirement for their Licence renewal.

These elements are:

  • Fitness Re-assessment
  • Stalls Re-assessment
  • Schooling Re-assessment
  • Simulator Technique Re-assessment

For Stalls, Schooling and Simulator Re-assessments please contact Georgina Ridal directly by email on G.Ridal@TheNHC.co.uk to check availability and for an application form.

Scheduled Fitness Re-assessments are now held in the North at the National Horseracing College (NHC) and Jack Berry House (JBH).

To book for theses dates contact Georgina Ridal at G.Ridal@TheNHC.co.uk

The cost is £30.00 per Re-assessment

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  • Thursday 28th Apr 2022 - NHC
  • Monday 30th May 2022 - JBH
  • Tuesday 28th Jun 2022 - NHC
  • Friday 29th Jul 2022 - JBH
  • Tuesday 30th Aug 2022 - NHC
  • Friday 30th Sep 2022 - JBH
  • Monday 31st Oct 2022 - NHC
  • Wednesday 30th Nov 2022 - JBH
  • Friday 16th Dec 2022 - NHC


The cost is £30.00 per Re-assessment

To book for theses dates contact Georgina Ridal at:

01302 861000

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