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Level 3 Award in Equine Emergency First Aid Qualification

The care given in the first few minutes of discovering an injured or sick horse in distress can be critical in maximising the success of veterinary treatment. 

The iPet Network Level 3 Award in Equine Emergency First Aid Qualification is delivered over one day. It is designed for horse owners, equine students and professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of dealing with emergency situations and want to boost their confidence and practical skills to deliver emergency equine first aid.

Course Content:

The qualification has been designed to address the most commonly faced first aid scenarios, including:

  • Managing horses in emergency situations
  • Communication with the vet
  • The primary and secondary survey and how to carry these out
  • First aid kit
  • Respiratory emergencies
  • Fractures and eye emergencies
  • Shock, collapse and cardiac arrest
  • Wounds and how to care for them
  • Colic, choke and tying up
  • Lameness and laminitis
  • Poisoning
  • An overview of anatomy and physiology
  • Administering treatments under BHA Rules
  • The correct application of a wound bandage and stable bandage
  • Poulticing
  • Survey checks including temperature, pulse and respiration

The qualification will:

  • Prepare individuals to progress to another qualification in the same subject area, studying at a higher level or a qualification requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Improve employability skills
  • Encourage engagement in learning

Suggested progression following completion of the qualification:

  • A regulated Level 3 Equine Care / Science qualification
  • Employment in the equine industry (groom, yard technician etc.)

It is a requirement that the assessment of this qualification is conducted in English.

The qualification is awarded by iPet Network, a leading awarding organisation in the animal care and veterinary science sector. This is the only Equine Emergency First Aid Qualification available in the UK. The qualification is valid for three years.

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  • Tuesday 20th Aug 2024 - 9am - 4.30pm - National Horseracing College

Experience Needed

All Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a keen interest in horses and have an understanding of the importance of providing correct care for horses
  • Relevant work experience in the equine sector would be desirable but is not mandatory

All Candidates will be screened via an initial assessment with the National Horseracing College to ensure their suitability for registration on the qualification. Whilst the above criteria forms the basis of eligibility, candidates may be registered at the National Horseracing College’s discretion.

Minimum Age

The minimum age for access to this qualification is 16 years


£150.00 per person including lunch and refreshments

How To Apply

For further details and to apply, please contact Lauren Webb:


07827 330059

Please ensure you wear clean, sturdy boots. We strongly recommend you bring a hard hat / riding hat and gloves for practical activities.

01302 861000

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