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Level 3 Fee Payers Information

The Level 3 Senior Equine Groom Diploma is a self study qualification which can be completed at your own pace.

The qualification consists of 8 mandatory units:

Section 1: Safe Working Practice
Section 2: Yard and Field Routines and Duties
Section 3: Horse Anatomy, Physiology and Welfare
Section 4: Horse Handling, Care and Appearance
Section 5: Saddlery and Equipment
Section 6: Travelling Horses including The Transport of Horses on Long Journeys
Section 7: Non-Ridden Exercise
Section 11: Core Behaviours

And one of the following pathways:

Section 9: Riding
Section 10: Non-Riding

Following registration, you will decide which optional units you wish to take, through discussion with your assessor and will receive a log-in to your portfolio account. Through this log in you will be able to access worksheets and assignments, complete them at your own pace and re-post them for your assessor to mark.

The time taken to achieve the qualification depends entirely on length of time it takes you to complete your portfolio. Typically, a portfolio is made up of assignments, witness testimonies, photographic and video evidence to support the knowledge and practical skills you’ll demonstrate during the assessment day.

Please note: you should be working with Thoroughbred racehorses to undertake this qualification if you wish to apply for a racehorse trainers licence.

When your assessor is satisfied with your portfolio content you will be offered an assessment day at the National Horseracing College. The college is the preferred location as it is imperative there are no interruptions for assessment to be completed in a single day. Should additional assessment time be required it is at a cost of £200 per day.

It is normally possible to arrange assessment within 30 days of receiving your completed portfolio. If there is a set date by which you would like to have achieved your Level 3 please ensure that your work is submitted well in advance of that date and make your assessor aware of the timescale you are working to. We will make every effort to accommodate short notice requests for assessment days but cannot guarantee these will be met.

If you wish to commence the qualification please complete a registration form NHC Application Form and return it to the College F.A.O. Julia Kajtar, together with a cheque for £400.00 made payable to ‘NHC Trading Ltd’.


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The course fees to undertake this qualification with the National Horseracing College are £400. These cover registration, a copy of the Level 3 workbook, portfolio guidance and one assessment day at the National Horseracing College. (Should you require any training towards the qualification this can be arranged but would incur additional costs.)

For further information please contact Julia Kajtar

01302 861000

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